Excerpt from Melanie Lutz’s I am a Magnificent Woman


True Love is a natural state of being
It is a state wholly free
A meeting place of creation
I live that truth
With life
With my friends
With my family
With my work
With my being
With Love
I am open and unattached
I am Free
Free to frolic
Free to be
Instant. By. Instant.
Into my heart space
In which spirit is at home
A home that is deeper
Than the one I see with my naked eye
I shift to those energies of my soul
To where the still small voice echoes…
“Be quiet and listen.”
I surrender
I am willing to have the truth, my truth Lovingly blossom
I live in the light of all that I can be
I remember…
The beauty of a lifetime
The beingness of Love ever creating and expanding possibility
Risks nothing
Owns everything
Leads the way
Into the water of my brilliant being
Fully alive
In Love’s richest peace
In a moment of grace
I can give myself
By staying open
Knowing the oneness of now
Brings me exactly where I need to be
Melting through my being in the light of Love
I am a Magnificent Woman

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